DAO and Community Strategy

Suzuverse Governance and Development

The Suzuverse can be a dynamic medium for building an active, highly engaged community and attracting third-party developers from around the world. To build a strong network of independent developers and creators, Suzu wants to set open design & development standards that enables independent creators and developers to participate in the creation of our metaverse.

In the mid-term, Suzuwalk development company will shift its focus from as a developer to as an orchestrator that is responsible for operating the platform, growing the Suzuverse and managing its partnerships, setting legal rights as legal company etc.

Holding xSGT by staking will grant users voting rights that will help the Suzuverse transition into a community-governed DAO, or decentralized autonomous organization. These rights will be distributed as we distribute SGT tokens to users(Sometimes through SOT). This will also decrease the xSGT tokens held by Suzuwalk development company over time.

Because we believe in creating authentic social connections and building meaningful shared experiences, we also plan to integrate a number of features that will further empower your belongingness as a player in the Suzuverse, together with your fellow enthusiasts.

Community Events

  • Win high-value, event-specific rewards by participating in Community Events.

  • Can be seasonal (e.g. New Year, Halloween, Christmas, etc.)

  • Can be ad-hoc (e.g. flash sale.) Can be scheduled (e.g. anniversary)


  • Tracks Suzuwalk Achievements, Stats, and Bonding level

  • Publicly shows how gamers rank across different performance indicators

  • Shows most successful and most profitable players

Suzuverse Congress Meetings

(It must be based on future agreement between DAO and Suzuwalk development company)

  • The Suzuverse Congress is the governance body where xSGT token holders elect operation members and leaders as multisig signers.

  • The elected leaders will be responsible for allocating development funds and ensuring the proper transition between new versions of Suzu smart contracts.

  • xSGT token holders will be able to also propose new ideas for the game and give an opinion on development directions. Token holders can receive rewards in $SGT for active participation in Suzuverse Congress Meetings.

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