Walk with Dog

SZT(Digital Data)

Issuer: Suzuwalk Development Company
*Supply and Earning
$SZT will be issued at the same time as the game launch scheduled for September 1, 2022, with a max supply of 1,000,000,000 token.
Users will be given $SZT as Move to Earn rewards when they walk with their dogs or play other games. The distribution rate for walking under the same conditions is planned to decrease year by year (It is easy to understand by imagining the Halving in BTC mining).
Users can exchange the $SZT earned as a reward to ETH or stablecoins in the game app, or use it to dress up, take care of, or train dogs in the app.
*About listing
$SZT is digital data (non-blockchain) that can only be used in the game app, and there are currently no plans to list it on external markets.
*About purchasing $SZT
User can't purchase $SZT at all.
*$SZT Token Utility
-To buy goods and paying for taxes and service fees
-For level up (for reaching a certain level user need also some requirement of $SGT)
-To exchange $SZT to ETH, USDT, USDC (Can be done by OTC in APP)
-Other utility methods that will be added to the service in the future
*Substantial meanings of $SZT
$SZT is Suzuverse's native reward/utility currency and more meanings!
The function of $SZT, in essence, is to represent the value of the bond between the Suzu dog and its owner. Players must spend $SZT on their Suzu dog to strengthen this symbiotic connection.
$SZT is also an entry ticket/access token to the Suzuverse. Therefore, players need to own a minimum amount of $SZT(in the first user can get $SZT by walking) to access & participate in fundamental activities within the Suzuverse.