Management Team

George Skywalker ( Tokyo, Japan)


George is responsible for strategic planning of SUZUVERSE business. He has worked in the accounting and finance business for the past 20 years, joined as key members in many projects and has achieved a great deal of success. George also has experience in online financial business, including FX business and crowdfunding business, where he has achieved great success in launching, operating, and exiting the service with the world's largest transaction volume. In the recent years, he has launched an online financial business in Southeast Asia, which is one of the largest FX businesses in Southeast Asia.

Jack Tran ( Sydney, Australia )

Vice President & Chief Executive Officer for Southeast Asia

Jack is a highly business-savvy tech enthusiast. He received first-class education from the University of Sydney, Australia, and has developed strong business management skills through his 15 years of experience. He started his career notably as relationship management in big banks in Australia. He has 10 years of experience in forex dealing and operation since 2012. He also has 5 years of experience in blockchain, cryptocurrency, and is good at building & running internet businesses beyond the market. Jack’s vast skill set and experience as a negotiator, marketer, and business planner in the field of traditional finance easily adapt to cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and decentralized finance.

Cong Hoang (Hanoi, Vietnam)

Chief Development officer

Cong Hoang, an alumnus of Post & Telecommunication Institute of Technology in Vietnam, is SUZUVERSE’s top IT professional. His 10 year IT experience is primarily focused on forex, blockchain, decentralization, Big Data, IT security, artificial intelligence, and mobile solutions. He held exclusive experiences in top IT management position in Nextop (as Head of Mobile Development), in Sofiamedix (as the Director of Outsourcing Center), and in Bluebelt ( as Chief Development Officer).

Miley (Hanoi, Vietnam)

Chief Marketing officer

Miley is SUZUVERSE's Marketing head with extensive experience and skill in traditional and digital marketing, business strategy/analysis, and customer service. She worked and led flexibly and productively in these fields for Posismo, NEXTOP, DMM FX (a licensed Australian forex broker) and Bluebelt Group. She earned a degree in International Business & Economics at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. Her strengths include market and business data analysis, customer relationship management, risk management, and digital marketing.

Nori (Tallinn, Estonia)

Chief Algorithm Officer

Nori graduated with Chemistry & Civil Engineering degrees from the University of Tokyo in Japan. He served in Japanese government for more than 10 years. He also had experience as a Senior Marketing Officer in one of integrators. Through those experiences, he developed excellent data analysis, planning, and management skills. In the recent 5 years, he has held extensive experiences in FX Dealing management (as Dealing manager in one of the largest FX business in Southeast Asia ), data analysis and algorithm structure ( as Chief Tech Analysis Officer in one of the largest property crowdfunding in Japan).

KOZZI (New York, The USA)

Chief Creative Officer

Kozzi is New York based artist, producer and director. He graduated from Pratt Institute, Graphic Design and Illustration in New York 2020. In early 2019, he started his career as an Artist Assistant for New York based Grammy Award Nominated artist Roy Nachum. Distributed the artist through management and creativity to help his creative studio, Mercer Project launch restaurants, website, Metaverse Project called “Megamoon” alongside of Nachum’s fundaments art. From 2021 until now, he is a Present General Manager for The Izakaya NYC Group, NEW YORK. KOZZI holds a big ambition about creativeness in the metaverse. He aims at creating a virtual natural world where there is no border at all between humans, nature and technology, via playful images, videos and experiences.

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