Walk with Dog

Dog Skill (From Q1 2023)

- Each dog has a total of 24 skills, 12 physical skills and 12 performance skills. These skills assist the user's dog progress through the levels in the app types and win big prizes.
  • Each dog will have 8 skills in total at max level (40), it will have 2 skills right after being minted, but they are inactive, and can only be used when the dog reaches level 2.
  • Dog's skills cannot be changed, which will make each user's dog special and irreplaceable.
  • To be able to increase the number of skills, users and their dogs will have to go to training sessions.
  • Skills will be divided into 3 different rarity levels: Normal, Rare and Epic.
  • All skills have 4 levels: Inactive (cannot be used, active after the dog reaches level 2), Basic, Advanced, and Expert.
  • After completing daily tasks, training, and reaching a certain level (level 10-15-20-25-30-35), the dog will be randomly updated with 6 other skills (out of 24 skills - 2 initial skills)