Our positioning

Suzu capitalizes major global trends

Dog ownership + Social media Mobile gaming + Metaverse digital collectibles

We have solid reasons to be confident that we can develop a commercially viable Suzuverse in the middle of all these trends.

Currently, gaming has been proven to be a working use case for digital collectibles.

We aim to combine both with the thousand-year-old human-dog dynamic to create a pet metaverse that people truly want and helps solve people's problems.

Dog Ownership

Dogs as pets have always been in high demand. People and households spend more time with their furry companions than ever, to the point that "fur-parents" is now used as a popular term for pet owners who treat their pets as their children.

While more and more people grow interested in having a pet, dog ownership is not always feasible. Suzuwalk offers a way to "own" a pet dog without the inconveniences through the metaverse.

In 2021, around 360 million homes worldwide owned at least one dog. Realistically, we see a potential 3% growth in dog ownership every year until 2026 -- approximately 417 million households owning at least one dog.

These numbers provide empirical support to the market growth. However, the bureaucratic paperwork and costs of dog ownership pose real roadblocks. Suzu wants you to escape all that paperwork and cut down the costs by making the whole experience virtual.

Once you own a Suzu dog, you can get rewards for your in-game time and build meaningful connections with authentic people.

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