Digital Collectibles - Features

Good to know: Suzu digital collectibles are the lifeblood of Suzuverse.

Every Suzu dog created in the Suzuverse is unique and defined using visual and non-visual characteristics, which will mostly determine its Uniqueness Score and Rarity Rank.

The scarcity ranking table helps players understand their Suzu dogs' features that make them rare and special.


  • Body size

  • Muscle


  • Species

  • Gender

  • Fur color/length

  • Eye color/size

  • Ear shape/size


  • Level

  • Tricks

  • Social


  • Special

  • Advanced

  • Usual

🚀 Bolster Your Suzu Dog's Stats!

You can determine the strengths and weaknesses of different Suzu dog breeds through their stats. You can improve each statistic limitedly throughout your Suzu dog's life through activities inside the game. These statistics have an impact on your Suzu dog's performance in future competitions and the number and value of the rewards you get.

✨ Unique and Yours!

You will be able to personalize your Suzu dog with NFT accessories (collars, hats, dresses, etc.) to add uniqueness to it.

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