Mechanism (From Q1 2023)

  • Both male and female dog owners will have to pay a fee to conduct a breeding session.

  • Dog owners will have to add a fee for listing dogs on the marketplace, each day will cost an amount = 1 normal food.

  • The system will automatically show listed dogs that match the breeding requirements (same breed, 15 <= level <= 35, same generation), only different in stats and skills for the dog owners to choose.

  • When dog owners have selected a dog they like to breed, the system will send the dog's information to the owner of the selected dog, who has the right to agree or refuse to breed.

  • If the other dog owner refuses, the dog will be listed again on the marketplace, and the dog owner will continue to have to pay the listing fee, if accepted, the breeding session will be conducted.

  • Breeding will last for 5 days, during which time the dog will not be able to perform any other activities (locked), and the dog owner will not have to feed it.

  • The system will randomly select the owner of the offspring between 2 owners, and the selected person will have to keep the offspring and lose the breeding fee.

  • Those who are not selected to have offspring will be returned the breeding fee.

  • The offspring's stats (Speed, Agility, Endurance, Luck) (link) will be random, and its skills (link) will be inherited from its parents (1 skill from female, 1 skill from male). Example: Female dog has 3 skills, Male dog has 7 skills -> the offspring will inherit 1 skill from the female dog with the rate of 33,33%, 1 skill from the male dog with the rate of 14,28%.

  • After determining the stats and skills, the selected offspring owner will receive a ticket, then be able to go to the Breeding Pool to mint the offspring.

  • The Breeding Pool is created by 12 performance skills x 12 physical skills x 6 breeds x 4 = 3456 digital dogs.

  • The Breeding Pool is a minting pool containing 3456 digital dogs, which will be minted to produce offspring. We calculated the odds that those offsprings will 100% have skills inherited from their parents.

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