The Future of Social Gaming is Here

This is the future of social growth experience where authentic digital socializing and online gaming become one. Suzuwalk is a mobile gamified social platform built on bleeding-edge blockchain technology to create a better, more fulfilling growth in both augmented and conventional reality.

Suzuwalk is a 100% Metaverse-ready platform where you can move to earn, play to earn, and socialize to earn. You, as a member, can adopt a dog, play in-universe games, earn based on your in-universe activity, compete for rewards, and socialize with other Suzuwalk members.

The grand aim of Suzuwalk is to develop the rarest, most valuable Suzu dog that represents humans’ growth as social beings through breeding.

Every decision you take in the Suzuwalk has a direct impact on the future of your collectible digital Item and active participation will be rewarded in-game.

Suzuwalk is built on Ethereum blockchain and issues the game-native utility token 'SZT' and 'SGT' for governance token

Suzu mission

We want people to experience the benefits of both virtual world (gamefi,XR world) and the physical world (human connection) all in one place.

Suzuwalk will be your premier gateway to

  1. Experiencing genuine social growth in a gamified metaverse environment

  2. Claiming authentic digital ownership over your metaverse property and identity

  3. Participating in decentralized finance in a most fulfilling manner

Suzu guiding principles

Suzu’s guiding principles are the pillars on which the Suzuverse stand

  1. Bringing back humanity’s genuine, social way of life built on shared worthwhile experiences

  2. Competitive but meaningful play-to-earn opportunities A truly decentralized platform that keeps the metaverse democratically operated and governed

  3. Cutting-edge technology that enables optimum and highly adaptive gameplay

  4. Social, environmental, and corporate accountability

  5. The Metaverse as an integral component of humanity’s next phase

Players Can Earn Rewards By

  1. Raising their Suzu dog.

  2. Competing in games to win prizes, Breeding Suzu dogs and selling them in the open market

  3. Adopting and trading valuable Suzu dogs

  4. Acquiring accessories and collectible digital items, that can be sold in the secondary market

  5. Joining various activities for the benefit of the network

  6. Dog walking for other players

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