Suzu Tokens

Suzuverse’s token structure aims to bring the best value to the Suzuverse community users.


There are 4 types of tokens in Suzuverse:

*Game Token:

Suzu Utility Token: $SZT (Digital Data)

*Opportunity Token:

Suzu Opportunity Token: SOT (ERC-20)

*Governance Token:

Suzu Governance Token: $SGT (ERC-20)

*DAO Token

Suzuverse DAO Voting Token: xSGT (specific NFT format)

Holding $SGT will not give the holder the right to vote in DAO. A user must stake $SGT in a period of time to earn xSGT, which will serve as his/her voting power in the DAO. At the end of the staking period, user’s xSGT(NFT) will be revoked and will no longer have voting power.


The Suzuverse DAO grants xSGT token holders the right to propose and vote at DAO conference, aiming to create a truly community-led, self-reliant decentralized metaverse world. At the DAO conference, You can decide everything about DAO, such as burning of governance token, liquidation of DAO, new functions to be implemented in the Suzuverse ecosystem, parameter changes / additions, proposals to the Suzewalk development company for game-related requests, usage of DAO's own assets, contracts with affiliated partners etc. Proposal rights and voting rights are calculated in proportion to the number of xSGTs held.

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