Token Listing

<Suzu Utility Token: $SZT (Digital Data)>

OTC in app(spot data):

Only OTC trading(spot) in Suzuverse app. This function will be implemented soon after game launch.

But there is a possibility to be changed to blockchain token and to be listed on exchanges outside app depends on situation.

<Suzu Opportunity Token: SOT (ERC-20) >

DEX&CEX(spot and derivatives):

Based on changes in the market price, liquidity, and volatility of $SGT, the time distance to the actionable period of each SOT, and the asset valuation of the DAO itself, tradings and values of SOT itself might naturally occur on decentralized exchanges(DEX), etc.

Therefore there will be the possibility of listing on a centralized exchange(CEX). Project team is naturally ambitious about it.

<Suzu Governance Token: $SGT (ERC-20)>

DEX&CEX(spot and derivatives):

$SGT will be listed on Uniswap in December 2022 (ex. $SGT/USDC, $SGT/USDT) by DAO voting.

CEX listing will depend on future DAO decision or the each crypto exchange's decision, but the project team is naturally ambitious like plan below.

<Issuing&Listing plan>

<Suzuverse DAO Voting Token: xSGT (NFT format)>

Only who has staking position can hold xSGT.

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