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Issuer: Suzuverse DAO
Overview: There will initially be four types of Suzu Option Tokens: SOT1, SOT2, SOT3 and SOT4 and...(SOTs)
SOTs allows users to purchase $SGT, the governance token, at a fixed price at a time of past, within a certain future action period, through a special smart contract.
The total issuance of SOTs will be 10% of the max supply of $SGT (100,000,000 SOTs). In the future, there will be issued additional SOT such as SOT5 and SOT6 to be issued as necessary by DAO.
Each SOT’s issuance will be based on the exact calculation number.
SOT1 is scheduled to be issued on around December 1, 2022.
*Actionable amount
Smart contract will be set so that the exchange rate of SOT/$SGT (the quantity of tokens, not the price rate) is 1:1.
*Fixed strike price
The market price of $SGT at the next day of last date of calculation term.
*Distribution as reward
*SOT can be obtained as a reward depending on the degree of contribution to the ecosystem. The amount of SOT rewards to be distributed will be calculated by this calculation way.
<The USD valuation at the time of the spendings for buying or the earnings of following fees> / <The $SGT convertible price>
1.Management/Development: Distribute SOT of the same amount as the fee to the development/management team
2. Pre-sale: Distribution of SOT equal to the purchase price to NFT pre sale users
3. Referral: Distribution of SOT equal to the referral(affiliate) fee to the referrer
4. NFT purchaser: Distribution of SOT equal to the purchase price to NFT purchasers (including purchase of goods with SZT)
**For 2 & 4, SOTd (SOT as digital data, not blockchain) corresponding to each SOT will be issued and distributed, and will be forcibly converted to SOT as a blockchain token when the convertible period arrives. If the user sells NFT before the convertible period arrives, SOTd will expire and the right to be granted SOT will be lost based on sold ratio.
*SOT Distribution and exercise conditions
SOT1 contract address: